May 22, 2022

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What Fantasy Writers Should Know about Weapons & Armor

Medieval knight in armor

As fantasy writers, we all love incorporating humor in our fantasy and looking at the top fantasy characters such as David Gemmell and Raymond Feist with their unique armor, and they are the ultimate work of perfect fantasy character writing. Leather armor exists only in fantasy, and it’s therefore important to know the reality and how to make the fantasy stories livelier and believable. To achieve this, we need to understand the armor, weapons, magic abilities, and their interaction with the characters. This will help us make your tales more interesting. If you’re looking for tips & tricks, or would like to get into some DIY crafting and create a unique leather armor piece or full body system for yourself, we recommend Prince Armory Academy. They offer leather crafting tutorials, patterns, and highly aesthetic design concepts.

Some designers who don’t pay enough attention to fantasy battles fail to possible damage from the real battle. The basis of functional fantasy armors is their materials and design. Though you can design sexy armor with your favorite silhouettes, they should not be unrealistic. But you can improve the character weapon and armor design in a field over time.

Fantasy Armor Design

Before you settle on going for foam or leather armor, you should know the reasons for someone wearing the armor. Most times, it’s because they are going to battle, and they don’t want to be injured or reduce their chances of being killed in the field. The armor protects their body from sharp piercings and the heavier impact from the crude weapons.

Therefore, when designing the fantasy armor, you should pay attention to the intensity of the battle. If the battle is going to be tough, then you design tougher armor. For instance, the knights will be at the center of the field during the battle, and they need stronger and more durable armor. Bowmen, on the other hand, will be striking from a distance, and they can even enter with minimal armor or with regular clothing.

The fantasy armor should also protect the critical areas of the body. These areas include your head, heart, stomach, and lungs. It should offer protection to these critical areas from different angles. You will also need to pay attention to the materials. Though steel is the heaviest and offers maximum protection, it’s heavy and can slow you down in the field. Therefore, you will need more power, and it will be hard to fight back against swift soldiers. Instead, choose a material that is light yet strong to protect you while offering you protection.

Weapon Research is Important

Medieval knight in armorEven though your novel is a fantasy, it needs to incorporate realism. You have to create your leather armor and weapons in a way that your readers will not be doubt your reasoning. And with good research, you will write better about your weapon. For instance, if the hero has a broadsword, then it’s heavy, and you can expect him to throw it in the air with ease. It’s also used to deflect and not stop attacks.

Knives are also not used for self-defense, and the hero cannot fight it with a villain carrying a battle ax. Knives also need speed and expertise and are only ideal for short-distance fighting. The only exception is when the hero is throwing his knife. And if he is a bows-man, you need to know the distance he can fire from and learn to perfect their skills.

Also, look at the different armors in museums, their make materials, and their pros and cons. Note that they’re not designed to offer absolute protection but to reduce damage from weapons. They should be agile and enable the wearer to move with ease. If you design heavy armor, then your hero will have challenges moving or even getting on the back of a horse.

It’s Good to Create your Unique Weapons

When writing your fantasy series, you won’t always need to use regular weapons like daggers, swords, and crossbows. Rather, you can create unique weapons with magical abilities. But you should prove the need to create such new weapons. And since they are a representation of the character, you can only use fine weapons with heroes and not villains.

The new weapon should have strengths that previous weapons cannot match. But it should have its strengths and weaknesses like other weapons. This will enhance the realism in your story since, for instance, heavy weapons make users less agile while lighter ones cannot impart more damage.

Remember, Realism Matters!

As a fantasy leather armor and weapons writer, it’s important to pay close attention to the armor and weapon design. This is because fans are looking for realism in your movies, and if things don’t add up, then your movie will be considered “impractical” or “unrealistic,” and few will have interest in it.